Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ritual Actions of the Muses: Lab Notes

Session Four, 12/30/10

This session began with a meeting where Antero encouraged everyone to be more discriminating in choosing the sources we would work with.

Next to last group ritual - structure set up as a large triangle of altars (candles atop 3 columns) creating virtual pathways between each.  The intention was to assign each altar one of our personal trinity sources and explore the pathways.  I experienced a fading of my connection to time and space and became more and more drawn into a timeless experience where unfamiliar vocal sounds sometimes rose through me.

Final group ritual - room divided into 2 sections, southern area assigned to our personal foundation source, northern area assigned to the realm of the muses.  The ritual intention was to immerse ourselves in the foundation source to find sustaining care and then to simply enter the muse realm to discover what was waiting. 
Working with the foundation source of 'Vertical', I found a whistling action on the inhale and exhale.  I committed to this whistling without missing a breath.
On first entry into the muse realm I experienced being filled with light and could feel energy amping up in my body, especially in my arms and hands.  I found myself holding a certain position with my arms/hands and it felt important somehow to maintain it in order to remain in the presence of the muse.
After returning to the foundation source area and focusing on expanding opening of the crown chakra, the second entry into the muse realm was an exquisite experience of being gently stretched vertically in both directions out of my 'casing', almost like some kind of soft sea creature pulled out of its tubular shell.  The physical sensation was new.
Finally returning to the foundation source area, I spent time reconnecting to a downward, 'earth' and 'body' bound vertical connection and found a nourishing low tonal duet there with another participant.
The ritual ended with my total release of the amped up energy in NoForm.

Due to more awareness in choosing our sources, I personally experienced a deeper level of the work and sensed a deepening in the group as a whole.  It was most evident at the end of the session when we all had returned to NoForm.  The silence there was profound - a silence that felt charged with connection to the Void.